MatrixDecor is all about sustainability!

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MatrixDecor wants to strive for a society in which sustainability is the norm. Not only on paper but also in daily reality. In order to meet the challenges caused by the increasing demand for sustainably extracted raw materials and limited natural reserves, the transition to a circular economy is more important than ever.

Aluminum as resource for our frames and profiles

Our most used raw material is aluminum. Although aluminum is the third most common metal on earth (after all, the earth's surface consists of 8.5% Bauxite, the raw material for aluminum), the aluminum used in our profiles is recycled. Aluminum can be recycled endlessly. Only 5% of the energy required for the first production is needed to melt aluminum for new applications, without loss of quality.

Our unique aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon is ideal for welding. It is very strong and robust, has a high corrosion resistance and is very easy to machine. Our frames are also offered as standard in raw aluminum and not anodised or varnished. Anodization is the collective name of a series of highly environmentally harmful treatments that ensure that we cannot use it in a socially responsible way in one sentence.

"Our frames and profiles can be used endlessly and can be recycled for 100% (if necessary)." The low weight not only requires the deployment of fewer staff, it also gives them a less demanding physical burden and it also lowers the transport price.

Polyacetal as the raw material for our connectors and accessories

The raw material of our connectors and accessories is Polyacetal (POM-C). This polymer has a smooth and durable surface and due to the negligible moisture absorption, the material is very dimensionally stable and stress-free. We chose this over aluminum because of its strength, it is much more resistant to wear, impact and shock and therefore it can be used many times longer than connectors made from aluminum. "After all, we also see reducing costs at customers as a form of sustainable business."

"A large part of our connectors are also bolted and not welded. As a result, they almost never break. Did you know that our connectors are assembled in a sheltered workplace? Through meaningful and adapted work, people with a work disability have the opportunity to develop themselves to the maximum, they create a stronger sense of self-worth and better growth opportunities for full integration into society. "

The most recent introduction of MatrixDecor are the Mfill inlays to replace the only briefly reusable PVC panel (Forex). The Mfill plates are made up of wood fiber residues that are pressed with heat and high pressure. The mutual connection is established by the naturally present lignin from the wood fibers and not by the addition of adhesives. The plates are finished with a wafer-thin, scratch-free foil.
Transport and sustainability seem to be at odds with each other. Just because there are so many harmful emissions, there is much to be gained here. "Only two of our suppliers are further than 32 km from our company, our own deliveries are grouped by region and our drivers leave early to avoid traffic jams. This not only reduces transport emissions, it also reduces transport costs."

Sustainability works

Sustainability has long been the new norm for us. It is no longer the whipped cream, but the bottom under our business cake. "With us, sustainable thinking does not entail any extra costs, on the contrary, it generates money. We not only feel that in our portfolio, the customer can fully enjoy it! Sustainability works!"

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