About us

MatrixDecor offers an extensive range of frame systems and profiles for modular stand construction. Thanks to well-considered development, taking into account the findings and comments of professional stand builders, we offer an extremely sustainable product at a competitive price. Both our M62 and M55 systems can be combined with other existing systems.

We also offer you all the necessary parts for fast and tool-free assembly. In our range you will find screw connectors, flat connectors, 90 ° connectors, variable angle connectors, ... but also other accessories such as base plates in different sizes, shelf supports and shelves, velcro, lighting, reinforcements for hanging heavy elements (screen, art, ...) and transport solutions.

Lightweight frames, user-friendly connectors and easy transport solutions make MatrixDecor an obvious choice. You get the short delivery time for free.

Why MatrixDecor?

Combine with other systems

MatrixDecor offers frames, both in 55mm and in 62mm width. Entirely in accordance with the well-known 62mm matrix hole pattern. Our frames can therefore be perfectly combined with other systems on the market!

The frames are finished with inlays (PVC, dibond, Mfill, ...) or textile so that the look of the stand, display or partition can be adjusted in a very simple way.

Proven Quality

Since the production of our first frame more than 7 years ago, we have won the trust of hundreds of loyal European customers. MatrixDecor is your trusted partner and offers the strongest products in the market with the highest dimensional stability at a very competitive price.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

Our systems can be used endlessly and can be built extremely quickly without tools, even by people without a technical background. The low weight of the frames not only requires fewer staff during a buildup, it is also more ergonomic and a great way to save on transport costs. Thanks to the well-considered choice of materials and assembly methods, all our products also have a very long lifespan. This ensures the best Return On Investment of all available systems on the market!


Although aluminum is the most common metal on earth (8.5% of the earth's surface consists of bauxite), the aluminum used in our profiles is recycled. Aluminum can be recycled endlessly.

Only 5% of the energy required for the first production is needed to melt aluminum for new applications, without loss of quality.

Our unique aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon provides optimum visibility for welding. It is very strong and robust, has a high corrosion resistance and is very easy to process.


What can we do for you?

For more information about products or prices you can always call us or send us an email.