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About Us

Extensive Product Range

MatrixDecor offers an extensive range of frame systems and profiles for modular stand construction. Thanks to well-considered development, taking into account the findings and comments of people on the job, we offer an extremely sustainable product at a competitive price that can be combined with other existing systems.


We also offer you all the necessary parts for fast and tool-free assembly of your modular walls. In our range you will find screw connectors, flat connectors, 90 ° connectors, variable angle connectors, ... but also other accessories such as baseplates in different sizes, shelf supports and shelves, velcro, lighting, reinforcements for hanging heavy elements (screens, art, ...) and transport solutions.


Lightweight frames, user-friendly connectors and easy transport solutions make MatrixDecor an obvious choice. You get the short delivery time for free.




The M55 series is an easily assembled frame system with a profile width of 55 mm. The frames can be placed both horizontally and vertically. With inlays you can quickly and easily adjust the complete look of your stand, display or partition.

The M55 Combi series is also a modular frame system with a profile width of 55 mm. This profile allows you to finish your walls with inlays or fabric. With a canvas that spans several frames, you can easily create the effect of a customized stand without seams and visual interruptions.


The M62 series is the same as the M55 Combi series, but with a profile width of 62 mm.


Both the M55, M55 Combi and M62 series are available as straight or curved frames, custom frames and pivoting doors.
We can also provide powder-coated frames on request.

Own Production

Our products were designed taking into account comments and findings from experienced stand builders. Sustainability is very important. Thanks to our material choices and assembly methods, our products have a much longer lifespan, so that the return on your purchase is much higher. Of course our system can be combined with the systems that you already have.


MatrixDecor works according to the EFQM model. Customer comments are always taken into account in order to constantly improve our products and production process.

MatrixDecor wants to be a fully-fledged partner that offers quality, sustainable and on time delivered products at the right price.


With regard to the environment in general and its immediate physical environment in particular, MatrixDecor is committed to making maximum efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of itself as a company and nature as a neighbour.

Corporate social responsibility

Although aluminum is the third most common metal on earth (8.5% of the earth's surface consists of bauxite), the aluminum used in our profiles is recycled.

Aluminum can be recycled endlessly.

Only 5% of the energy required for the first production is needed to melt aluminum for new applications, without loss of quality.

Our unique aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon provides optimum visibility for welding. It is very strong and robust, has a high corrosion resistance and is very easy to machine.


Our products are also offered as standard in raw aluminum and not anodised. Anodization is the collective name of a series of highly environmentally harmful treatments that ensure that we cannot use it with 'socially responsible' in one sentence.

The environmental benefits that our production method has are therefore very clear.


Sales, rental and service

MatrixDecor does not only offer its products for sale but also for rent. This way you can easily compensate for one-time deficits and you do not have to finance all specials yourself. Because of our large stock, we can also assist you with taking on large projects.

Renting at Matrixdecor is easy and the price is degressive. With longer rental periods, the price goes down considerably.


With our unique online ordering tool you will soon have an overview of our stock and the availability of products.

Something short? You can even order from a smartphone. You enter the dimensions and the item is immediately reserved in our warehouse.


MatrixDecor has a large stock but offers an even greater service!

We can provide worldwide transport, storage, assembly and dismantling. Thanks to our network of partners and our own experienced people, no challenge is too big.

Second Hand

MatrixDecor also offers a wide range of used frames and connectors.
Both ex-rental products, products with usage damage and products we have from takeover are offered for sale as second-hand.

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