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MatrixDecor: supplier for international stand construction

MatrixDecor is a manufacturer of high-quality modular fast construction systems for stand construction. 100% Made in Belgium.

MATRIXDECOR is the new player on the market of FRAME SYSTEMS with big holes

With the introduction of MatrixDecor, the market is being opened up further and supply and demand are becoming better aligned. The law of supply and demand explains what that can do with the price...MatrixDecor's products are designed taking into account comments and findings from experienced stand builders. Sustainability is very important to us. Due to the material choices and assembly methods, our products have a much longer lifespan, so that the return on your purchase from us is much higher.

MatrixDecor is not a stand builder itself, but a partner of various stand builders throughout Europe. We have an extensive product range, but we want to let our customers choose the finish themselves.
We do offer full support in construction, dismantling and logistics.

Soon you will also be able to use our unique online ordering tool and experience the convenience of a webshop for modular stand construction. Orders placed before noon can be picked up the same day or delivered the next day. Our large stock and local production ensure this unique service.

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Grote stock, nog grotere service!
Ook voor inlays en peesdoeken op maat kan u bij MATRIXDECOR terecht
MATRIXDECOR is de nieuwe speler op de markt van KADERSYSTEMEN met grote gaten
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